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Compliance Tuesday Talk – ProductIP meets EPR compact

Diese Episode ist die Tonspur zum 1. Compliance Tuesday Talk von ProductIP. Ein Video zum Talk ist ebenfalls auf YouTube verfügbar:

When people discuss Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), they almost instantly start talking about recycling and packaging markings. But recycling and markings are “the end of the road”— a long and windy road, especially when making the wrong decisions at the start of the journey.

So what are the right choices?

That is the central theme of this first ProductIP Compliance Tuesday Talk (August 16, 2022), in which Caspar ter Horst – ProductIP – talks with André Gierke – EPR Compact.

Besides these intelligent choices, we will also discuss topics such as:

– What is going on with the “de-harmonisation” of the requirements regarding markings on packaging materials?

– What are the general struggles for companies when dealing with Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) related to electrical and electronic equipment (“WEEE”), batteries and packaging?

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Btw: This needs a repeat? A follow-up? We think so. We are considering December the 6th as we anticipate that a draft of the EU packaging directive or even regulation will be available. You can already pre-register as the event is in the ProductIP event calendar.

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