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Your expert on all aspects of extended producer responsibility!

We support producers, importers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging or packaged products worldwide in bringing their products onto the market in a compliant manner. Our focus is on extended producer responsibility (EPR).

Among other things, EPR stands for market access requirements. And we support you in knowing, understanding, evaluating … and implementing the respective national requirements!

Do you need a “WEEE number”? Do you ask yourself what extended producer responsibility is, why it exists and what tasks does it entail? Or do you want to open up new markets?

Whatever your needs, we look forward to accompanying you!



Our services range from advice to (support in) implementing your obligations.


EPR compact acts independently in order to best meet your individual needs. Our actions are characterized by a simple principle:

“Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself.”



EPR Analyse & Radar

EPR Analysys & Radar

Depending on the area ((W) EEE, batteries or packaging) and country, we analyze your national obligations. We provide you with the results in a compact, applicable form. On this basis, future changes to your sales model or portfolio are also directly taken into account. In addition, we also take care of the monitoring of the requirements as part of the radar. So you are always up to date.

EPR Audits & Assessments

EPR Audits and Assessments

Do you want to check how well you are already positioned in the EPR area? Or are you just starting out and want to know what to do when, why and how? Then an audit or assessment is just the thing. Here we will check (at your location) where you stand, what you are already doing well and where you have optimization potential - detailed documentation and a pronounced training factor included.

Workshops & Schulungen

Workshops & Trainings

Whether basic or detailed training, current projects or acute issues, we provide you with the necessary knowledge in our workshops and training courses - online and offline.

EPR Compliance Beauftragter

EPR Support

Whether questions from day-to-day business, legal changes and their effects or individual projects (e.g. launch of a new product or sales channel) - we gladly assist you with occurring EPR challenges.


Employee Qualification

Would you like to be responsible for the "EPR" issue independently, self-sufficiently and safely in the future? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to training courses, etc., we support you in a very targeted manner in implementing the theory taught in practice. Depending on the scope and previous knowledge, we create an individual plan for achieving the goals.

weitere EPR services

EPR Services

EPR compact will also be happy to support you in the design, implementation and documentation of your EPR processes so that you can handle the topic in the best possible way. We can also help you in the selection of service providers who best meet your needs.

Why EPR?

The highest goal of the EPR is the protection of people and the environment.

However, the requirements that the companies concerned have to meet regularly deviate from the core competencies such as development, product design, marketing and sales. This is one of the reasons why extended producer responsibility is often an “annoying” side issue, which at first glance causes costs, but does not help the company any further.

At second glance, however, the EPR stands for:

Compliant Market Access
Lacking EPR compliance, affected products may not be placed on the market.
Avoidance of product recalls
Incorrect labeling and information, among other things, could cause this worst case scenario.
Sustainable end-of-life solutions
"Reduce - Reuse - Recycle"
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EPR is a decisive factor for economic success!

And this is exactly where EPR compact comes in:

We help you to know, understand and evaluate the respective national requirements. In doing so, we always have compliant and economical market access in mind. We stand for “harmony in disharmony” so that you can focus on your core business or move confidently in an important peripheral topic.

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